In 2014, Randalls Equipment Company imported their first Sany excavator to Australia having reached an agreement with Sany to become a dealer in Australia for the Forestry market with the objective of providing contractors with a high quality, low cost solution for log loading and harvesting.  “We looked at the applications and what was needed by the contractor and what we found was that for these applications, contractors did not need any of the technology with regards to emissions and electronics that is now difficult to avoid on many of the other brands on the market” said Peter Randalls, Managing Directror of Randalls Equipment Company.  “Our customers demand reliability and service at a reasonable price and we could see that Sany was offering a quality product at a very reasonable price that would do everything our customers wanted when it came to loading and harvesting applications” Peter went on to say.

Since the first machine arrived in 2014 more than 50 units, mostly SY245F’s have followed, all sold and serviced by Randalls Equipment.  Randalls now have Sany excavators set up and running in various forestry applications in every state in Australia except the Northern Territory.  Randalls offer contractors a very attractive and personalised option when it comes to purchasing an excavator for forestry applications.  They not only sell and service the unit, but utilising their manufacturing facility and resources in Melbourne, are able to modify machines to suit unique customer requirements, install various attachments such as their own Randalls rotating log grapples, fixed style log grapples and harvesting heads for both pine and hardwood.  All this means that when a customer purchases a Sany machine from Randalls, they get a machine set up for their application that is made and fully supported by one supplier.  It makes the process very easy and streamlined for the customer without the hassle of dealing with multiple providers to get what they want.

We spoke to Davin Frankel, Sales and Service Manager at Randalls on what he thinks has been the key to Sany’s success in the forestry sector in Australia.  “Firstly, the machines are built to a high standard with a level of quality which is comparable to any excavator on the market.  Secondly, the components and systems used on the Sany excavator are quality components and they are simple.  Kawasaki valves and pumps, Isuzu Tier 2 engines, Hy-Dash final drives are all world-renowned components used in Sany Excavators.  Of course we like to provide service however the simplicity of the machine and it’s systems does not require the dealer to always provide service where a customer might already have his own service capability to undertake scheduled maintenance and repairs.  You could say that a Sany excavator is what some of the bigger brands were 20 years ago from a technology point of view.  Our customers appreciate that and often tell us that they don’t need or like all the other garbage”, said Davin.  “In addition, our ability to custom build a machine for any application in our own factory at a very attractive price has been a big win for customers.  Now that we are over the Made in China concerns that some customers legitimately had in the early days, we can now focus on improving our own modifications and identifying custom options and other products in the Sany range that are suitable for forestry applications.  Some of these are elevating cabin options through to wheeled material handlers for log yard applications”.

Randalls recently delivered the first SY245F fitted with a Sany custom elevating cabin.  Built on the same excavator platform as every SY245F sold, the hydraulic elevating cabin enables the operator to vary the height of the cabin from ground level all the way up to 5,375mm operator eye level or anywhere in between.  This is particularly useful for truck loading and for high stacking in log yards. Next to come will be Material handler boom options for this model, and also a range of wheeled material handlers which will be highly suitable for log yard applications when fitted with Randalls rotating grapples.

Sany SY245F Specs
Machine weight – 25,000kg
Engine – Isuzu 6BG1 6.49lt Tier II
Power – 175hp
Fuel capacity – 340lt
Oil flow – 2 x 252lt
Hydraulics- Kawasaki


  • Harvester spec
  • Log loader spec
  • Elevating cabin