PONSSE has officially launched a new crane option for the world class 20t Elephant King forwarder.  Building on the strength of the existing K100+ crane that has served the Elephant King so well, the K121 is set to take the Elephant King into a league of its own with a massive 22% more lifting power and 45% more slew torque when compared to the K100+.  This increase in lifting power will enable installation of larger grapples up to 0.50m2 which will increase overall productivity of the Elephant King particularly when unloading at roadside or when loading trucks. The K121 crane can also be installed as a tilting base crane enabling a maximum of 24 degrees rearward tilt, further enhancing its impressive capability in steep terrain.

The king post and boom ends are manufactured from a complete single piece casting providing superior strength and reliability.  Lighting has been improved to include a total of 7 boom and stick mounted lights to direct light more effectively to where it’s needed, all with ample protection.  Overall boom geometry is improved with even speed and power through the whole movement range.  Extension glide pad surface area has been increased by 15% providing lower friction and overall lifetime.   All hose routing is now fully enclosed within the main boom and stick which creates a clean look but more importantly, less external hoses prone to damage from external hazards such as limbs and load bolsters which will equate to less downtime and lower operating costs.

Unlike most competitors, PONSSE manufacture their own cranes and loaders, giving the company the unique flexibility to design and create loaders specifically for PONSSE machines.  Added to this, research and development is “in house” which guarantees the cranes meet with PONSSE’s high quality standards.

Productivity will be further enhanced with the introduction of PONSSE Active Crane.  This is a system of sensors and modules integrated to the OPTI system which allows the operator to control the grapple movement instead of individual functions separately.  Active Crane is easily controlled using two control levers, one that controls the height of the grapple from the ground and the other controlling the direction of movement.  This results in the operator not needing to control all functions simultaneously with the machine control system deciding to lift, fold and extend based on the inputs from the operator.  This ease of use is particularly helpful for new operators with the ability to switch Active Crane on or off with the push of a button.

Both the K121 and Active Crane will be introduced on the Elephant King for Australia in 2019.

K121 Specifications

Lifting moment                 195kNm

Slewing torque                  48kNm

Reach                                8mt or 10mt

Tilt angle                            24 back/12 forward